Custom Decals - Long
Custom Decals - Long

Custom Decals - Long

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Custom decal listing. Up to 6 images can be used per order, and need to be of high quality for the best results. Portrait orientated images will work best for the template.

Images must be supplied ready to use, I do not offer a graphic design service. Please email the images to after ordering ☺️

I reserve the right to add custom decal designs to my website or to share to my social media. I will of course NEVER do this with personal images or content that has been created and supplied by the customer.

1 sheet of 12 waterslide decals in a variety of widths. Decals are approx. 4cm long (1.6 inches). XLong custom decals also available.


They are printed on transparent decal paper as standard. for application over a white or very pale base. If you’d prefer them to be printed on white backing please state in the order.

Comes with full application instructions - recommended for professional use with gel or acrylic, but a clear polish will work for at home mani's.

Creation Time: 3-5 business days (these use sealant spray which must fully dry before packing). Due to Covid restrictions and family safety I do one mail drop per week, which is currently on a


Application instructions can also be found here. and application videos can be found on my Instagram.