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Velvet Bronze

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Set of 10 luxury gel press on nails with khaki base and encapsulated copper foil accents.

Set pictured is in shape Short Coffin.

All custom made press on nail sets are handmade by myself using salon grade materials, including Apres gel tips, LUXA and Medusa gels, for a durable and reusable at home mani.

I make each set to fit, so you'll get that salon fresh look in minutes!

***Please read all information in the FAQs before ordering. These include materials,

sizing and delivery information***

Customer Reviews

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These are the most well made press on's I have ever purchased. I can tell that there was time and energy put into the creation of these nails. The quality is unmatched. There is a certain thickness that makes them look and feel like I got them done in salon, but actually better. I will order more than one set the next time. I think that it is hard to judge the time it took for me to receive them considering they're. handmade and had to cross only an entire ocean to get to me! Best personal purchase I have made in a while.

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I ordered the regular coffin shape nails, they look so fancy. Jerri customized the thumb and pinkies for me, because I didn't want clear nails. She made them exactly how I wanted them to be. Thank you so much Jerri!! <3


These are beyond beautiful! They’re so well made, came on time, and fit perfectly.

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Super cute and great quality!

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Always quick service, great quality & exactly what I asked for 😊

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