Kiss goodbye to memories of poorly fitting plastic drugstore nails, and step into the world of tailored talons! The key to a natural fit and long wear time is choosing the right size nails, which is why Made to Order nails are created to your.

Find your perfect fit with a Sizing Kit, or use the measuring guide below to find your sizing.

Check out my 'How To' videos below!

Measuring With a Sizing Kit

Each sizing kit comes with all sizes of nail (00 or 0-9 depending on the shape) and are the easiest way to find the perfect fit for your custom press ons.  

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Measuring With Tape

I highly recommend purchasing a sizing kit to guarantee the perfect fit, but you can also use a soft measuring tape to find your nail measurements.

Jot down the mm measurement of each nail (on both hands!) and check it against the chart above.

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