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Replacement Nail

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Lost a nail?  

Select the style of nail which closest matches the nail you’d like replaced, referring to the images in the gallery as a guide.

Select from: 

• Basic Color/Glitter 

• Pattern (painted in gel or a full print decal)

• Swarovski 1 (small amount of crystals as in examples)

• Swarovski 2 (full cover crystals)

• Swarovski 3 (large shaped crystals)


Please leave an order note stating which nail you need replacing and from which set.

A little unsure? Drop me a message on with your previous order number and which finger you need replacing and I’ll find your details to help ❤️

Replacement nails have the same creation time as any other Made to Measure set (you can find my regularly updated times on my FAQs!). 


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