for the perfect fit

Kiss goodbye to memories of poorly fitting plastic drugstore nails, and step into the world of tailored talons! The key to a natural fit and long wear time is choosing the right size nails, which is why my nails are custom made to your unique measurements.

Find your perfect fit with a Sizing Kit, or use the dime method below to find your sizing.


The 'Dime' Method

  • Placement

    With your hand flat on a table, place a 10 cent or 10 pence coin next to your fingers.
  • Angle

    From above take a birds eye view of your fingers like in the example picture.
  • Thumb

    Repeat process for the thumb, ensuring this is flat to the table.
  • Repeat

    Repeat the process for the other hand as most people have slight variations.
  • Upload

    Add your files to the 'Help me size' section on nail listing
  • Caveat

    A sizing kit is the only way to guarantee the perfect fit, thought the dime method is used by many with great accuracy. If you have curved nails this method may not be suitable, so I encourage the sizing kit route.